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What is Liquidation?

Wholesale and Liquidation are two different things, but people often use the terms interchangeably. Finding a source for profitable inventory is what most people want, and few things are more profitable in the buying and selling business than liquidation. Manufactures, distributors, retailers, and even resellers liquidate inventory that they are unable to sell. Their inability to find a buyer is YOUR opportunity. Check out some of the great Liquidation resources we have identified.

Liquidation Resources

Liquidators Guide

How to buy and sell pallets and truckloads of wholesale liquidation merchandise without paying a middle man. A total liquidation merchandise education in one guide.

Liquidation Tools & Services

Essential Wholesale & Liquidation (3)

Essential Liquidation

Whether you are looking for inventory for your Amazon or eBay store or retail storefront, or closing your business and looking for buyers, this Facebook group is for you.

Amazon FBA Prep Service List

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Did you know – There are companies that will take delivery, prep, and ship your inventory, to Amazon or to your customers? Check out these Prep Services.

Third Party Fulfillment Services 3PL

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Did you know – There are companies that will take delivery, prep, and ship your inventory, to your customers for you? Check out these 3PL Services.

Liquidation Blog

10 Tips for Selling Liquidation

Liquidation is a category of merchandise that can be very profitable to the reseller. It can be very challenging for the inexperienced, so here are a few tips to help you get started. 1. Location is KEY. You, as the buyer, are paying the freight charges to have the inventory delivered to you (even if the seller tells you they are paying for shipping). The closer you are to the origination location, the less [...]

Purchase Orders – Hashing out the Details

I noticed a discussion in a buy/sell wholesale group in which a Seller did not disclose that the goods were still in production and would not be ready to ship for some time. The exact details are irrelevant, but what matters is that little details which could be a deal-killer should be flushed out early on to save your time. One way, which can be cumbersome, but well worth it (especially for larger purchases), is [...]

Adversity Equals Prosperity? Struggling Your Way to Success

Many years ago I had a neighbor that sold new two way radio equipment for a local dealer. He had a customer that wanted to buy 100 new radios but he wanted to use his old radios as trade-ins. Well, his dealership didn't take trade-ins.It turns out at the time most dealers didn't. He knew I sold on Ebay a little and he really wanted to get this deal done so he asked if I [...]

How To Complete and Pay for a Wholesale or Liquidation Deal

I frequently get calls from new or inexperienced buyers in this business. More often than not they have no idea how this business works so I wanted to give some knowledge of what you can expect if you decide to make the leap. I may sound like I'm being harsh here. That's not my intent. But if you are going to do this you need to know how the game is played and what you [...]

The term “wholesale” is thrown around a lot but what is it really?

     The term "wholesale" is thrown around a lot but what is it really? I guess in the purest sense it's when the manufacturer or distributor sells new product to the retailer. So when you see the stores that are essentially selling retail but call themselves wholesale that's not really wholesale. If you're buying pallets or truckloads of even new product that's probably not wholesale in the real sense. I've had people argue with [...]

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