I keep seeing people asking for the best place to buy from.

This takes a little bit of work and luck. Now luck is a funny thing because it seems to find people more often that work harder or put themselves in positions to get lucky.

  1. Go to any places you find locally. They may be a middleman. Their prices and terms may not be good enough for you, but you can still get information from them. You can also let them know items you are looking for so they can contact you. Develop a relationship and see what you can learn, even if they didn’t intend to tell you anything.
  2. Go through Craigslist. Talk to the people. Again let them know what you are looking for. Needle them for info. Find out what other products they get and how often.
  3. Talk to your acquaintances. They may have a brother in law that works for a factory that you can let you know when refused shipments come in, when a company does a production test that they are not sending out or when a product is being discontinued.
  4. Talk to the managers and employees in stores. Mostly ask them if they know how they liquidate items. Most of the time they won’t know, but sometimes they will. They also may give you a point of contact who will know. They may even be intrigued and find out and get back in touch with you.
  5. Go to estate sales and local auctions. Talk to the auctioneers. Let them know what you are looking for. They are full of information.
  6. Read newspaper articles. You will find out information about things that are happening.
  7. When someone asks you what you do, let them know the type of products you are looking for.
  8. Go to message boards. I found A LOT of information going to message boards going through searches.
  9. Know why you are buying something. NEVER buy something because you have money to spend.

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