Amazon began offering their Fulfillment by Amazon service (FBA) in September 2006. This has allowed businesses the ability to store their products in warehouses in a network of Amazon Fulfillment Center locations and take advantage of Amazon’s infrastructure of customer service and product shipments. These third-party merchants were also given the benefit of Amazon’s Prime shipping service, allowing Prime customers to receive their orders from these FBA sellers within two days.

Due to the popularity of the FBA program, the list of Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations began to quickly grow. They opened their first FC outside of Seattle in 1997 with PHL1, located in New Castle, Delaware. As of today, there are more than 180 Fulfillment Centers and Sortation Centers combined.

Orders are received, stored, and processed for shipping to the customer at a Fulfillment Center.  Sometimes they are sent directly to UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc. for delivery to the customer. Other times, they are transferred to a Sortation Center , where orders are then sorted and transferred to the shipper. This allows Amazon to organize and deliver orders from multiple Fulfillment to the shipper at the same time. So instead of 5 UPS trucks being dispatched to various Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations to pick up 4 pallets each going to a certain destination, one truck can pick up 20 pallets at one SC. This allows Amazon to meet its 2-day shipment time frame that Prime members receive. Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations are carefully chosen. Amazon places them in high-population areas with major transportation hubs, interstate highways, and airports nearby.

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List of Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations