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How to List Your Amazon Merchant & FBA Products

Listing your products to send to Amazon is one of the core activities that must be done to sell a product on Amazon. This guide will walk you through the process and show you what tools we recommend. Using these tools you can greatly increase your efficiency and spend less time listing your products.

Listing a Product

  • How to list an item on

For those who may be new, Merchant means you will store and ship the item yourself. FBA means fulfillment by Amazon and they will store and ship the item on your behalf. While we recommend a 3rd party service to list FBA products the method in the video to the left works for both Merchant and FBA products.

There are multiple 3rd party listing services out there and these web based software solutions are designed to greatly improve your process for listing products to send to FBA. We also suggest that you purchase a  desktop bar code scanner. A scanner will speed up the process significantly as you will not need to manually type each UPC code.

Labeling a Product

  • How to label your items

Each item that you send into Amazon must have a scannable bar code. If you are sending items in co-mingled than this may be nothing more than the original UPC. All other products will need a bar code label. Here is what you need to know:

1) Make sure you label each product
2) Make sure all other bar codes on the product are covered
3) Make sure the bar code is able to be scanned (don’t put the label around corners of a product)

If you are using a 3rd party software you will be able to print labels as you go when listing. To do this you will need a Dymo label printer.

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Are you still listing your items through Amazon? There's a better way.

3rd party listing services are available and are vastly superior to Amazon's standard listing method. Take advantage of these services today.
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