Paid Daily Leads Lists are plentiful in the Amazon Online Arbitrage (OA) space. The way they work is simple: Someone pays a fee to receive a “list”, usually in the form of a spreadsheet, of items that they can purchase from an online retailer to be resold on Amazon for a profit.

The lists are usually compiled by Virtual Assistants (VAs) working for the OA List provider. These VAs are most often based in the Philippines where the cost of living allows for a lower wage than a US-based worker would receive. The VAs often use sourcing tools like Tactical Arbitrage and OAXray to assist in processing the information and identifying items that meet the minimum criteria that has been set in order for the deals to make it onto the list.

Subscribers generally sign up to receive a month of deal sheets, although some OA list providers offer discounts for longer terms, and some even offer a single day of leads.

A Review of One Good Deal

Recently we became aware of an OA Leads service called One Good Deal, and they have developed an entirely different way of providing Amazon OA Leads to their clients. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the things that make them different from many other OA leads lists.

Here’s a quick 10 minute video that goes into a little more detail:

One Good Deal is not entirely a new company. They’ve been providing their Leads Service in the UK for several years prior to offering their service to US-based Amazon sellers. Even though English is spoken in both locations, there are some distinct differences, requiring One Good Deal to develop separate training for their team of VAs who are sourcing for items to be sold in the US ( vs

No Spreadsheet

The main difference between One Good Deal and the other OA Services that you may be familiar with is that One Good Deal is a Internet-based platform. This means that they do not email spreadsheets to their clients. Members sign up for a free account, log in to the web portal, and are provided with a private dashboard. From there you can view and purchase the product leads.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

And that brings me to another, and possibly the biggest difference. One Good Deal is not a subscription program at all. In order to purchase leads, you must first purchase Credits, either one at a time, or in larger quantities for a significant discount. Each Credit is good for One Deal.

When you are logged in to the One Good Deal Web Portal, you are able to view the product leads that are currently available. Each listing shows you the Amazon Category, Sales Rank (BSR), the cost to buy the item from the retailer, the Selling Price on Amazon, and more.

They even provide the 90-day Keepa chart for you to look at, as well as some historical pricing.

After reviewing the available information, you then have a decision to make. Do you want to know what the item is, where to buy it, and what listing to use on Amazon to resell it? If the answer is YES, just click the “Buy Now” link and the deal is now yours, arriving immediately in the “My Deals” area of your dashboard.

Your One Good Deal purchase costs you One Credit. The more credits you buy, the cheaper they are, so this may have cost you anywhere from $1.18 to $5.00 for this deal.

One Good Deal Price Comparison

So let’s compare the price to a deal from one of the more standard deals lists. Most daily OA list subscriptions provide about 10 deals a day, Monday through Friday, to their subscribers. There are 20-23 weekdays in a month, and most OA Lists cost in the range of $125-$175 per month. So assuming the numbers are accurate, you are paying $6-$8 per day to be a subscriber to most lists, whether you buy any of the deals or not. If you buy 4 deals today, each deal cost you $1.50-$2.00. If you buy only one, it will cost you $6-$8.

One Good Deal is Competitively Priced

So One Good Deal is priced competitively with the other OA List services. Even though you may receive 10 daily product leads with a “normal” list subscription, in most cases, not all of the deals will fit into your business model. Maybe you feel there are too many sellers on some of the deals, or maybe the profit or ROI isn’t high enough to justify the purchase of the product. Either way, you’re likely to be selective in your buying.

No Paying for Unused Deals

Which is why One Good Deal can be a great addition to your OA business. You have the ability with One Good Deal to review the data BEFORE purchasing the lead. If the profit is too low, just skip to the next deal on the list. If you are not approved in the category, you aren’t paying for the lead. You only pay for the deals that match with your business model.

Replace the Deals You Can’t Use

And one really outstanding feature is the ability to replace a deal. What if you determine that the deal is perfect, click the buy now button, and then find that you’re restricted from selling that brand? Or what if you purchase a deal and then realize that the coupon code expired an hour ago and the price is no longer profitable? Or what if the retailer has already sold out?

With One Good Deal, you just click the “Replace Deal” button within 10 minutes of buying the lead. Using the checklist, tell them why you won’t be using the deal, and your credit is refunded to your account.

And here are a few more differences worth mentioning:

Deals Reviewed Daily

  • Online Arbitrage is a business model that, in most cases, requires items to be on sale or on clearance, or the seller needs to identify a coupon code or other discount to allow the item to be profitable for resale. The team at One Good Deal reviews the existing product leads each day, removing the ones that are no longer viable. So when inventory runs out or discount codes expire, the items are removed from the list of available leads. And if you discover an expired lead before they do, just replace the deal and continue on to the next deal. Note: It seems that their process for reviewing deals involves removing all of the deals from the site at once, and then re-adding them as they are reviewed. If you log in and see only a few deals, wait a few minutes and refresh your screen, and you’ll likely discover that more have been added.

Much Smaller Distribution

  • Product Leads are sold to no more than 15 sellers. For some, this may be the biggest difference between One Good Deal and the other leads lists. From my experience as a leads list producer, I would argue that larger subscriber bases do not necessarily mean more sellers are buying each individual lead, but either way, One Good Deal is doing their part to keep the risk of saturation as low as possible.

US & UK Memberships Available

  • One Good Deal started in the UK, and their subscriber base there is quite active. Which means: If you’ve been wanting to sell OA on Amazon in Europe but didn’t have the ability to source the products – Now you DO! Get set up with Amazon in the UK, sign up for a separate UK account with One Good Deal, and begin OA sourcing for your growing, GLOBAL enterprise.

Add One Good Deal to your OA Sourcing Routine

The only way to scale an Amazon Online Arbitrage business if to find more deals, and Leads Lists are a great way to do just that. For those of you already using lists, keep doing it! And be sure to take a look for yourself at what One Good Deal has to offer. I think you’ll be impressed. Add a couple of One Good Deal product leads to your OA buying each day and supercharge your Amazon Business!

…and while you’re signing up, use code ESSENTIALS5 to save 5% off your One Good Deal purchase. Click any of the One Good Deal links in the article, or visit their website at Note – This discount only works with CC payments, not with Paypal.

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