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How-To Prep Your Products For FBA

Product prep is a very significant part of any Amazon FBA business. Whether you are doing all the work yourself or you have employees doing it for you, someone has to remove labels and poly bag items. This page will teach you how to prep your products within Amazon’s guidelines as well as where to find the supplies you need to prep all of your products.

Removing Labels & Stickers

  • How to remove price stickers & labels

If you shop retail or thrift stores you will be all too familiar with price stickers. Removing them can be one of the more annoying parts of your business, but it can be made easier if you have the right supplies.

Normally by simply applying an adhesive remover and waiting 5 to 10 minutes a label will slide right off with a Scotty Peeler. For more stubborn stickers or if you want to make sure you do not tear part of the product with the label you may want to use a heat gun.

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Poly Bagging

  • What you need to know about poly bags

1) When do I need poly bags?

You need to poly bag any item that has plush, apparel, fabric, perforated packing or if it is a bundle or multi-pack. You also have the option of shrink wraping or boxing these items.

2) What are Amazon’s requirements for poly bags?

First, you must have a suffocation warning on all poly bags with an opening of 5 inches or greater. Second your bags must be at least 1.5mil thick. Finally the bag must be transparent to allow a label or barcode to be scanned. You can place the label on the outside of the bag if needed.

3) What are the different types of poly bags?

There are two types of poly bags. Self seal and non self seal. We recommend you use a self seal bags.

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Buying items online to resell, but don't want to prep and ship them yourself? You need a prep service!

A prep service will prep, label, package and ship your Amazon products for you so that you will never need to remove a label or poly bag an item again. Check out our Prep Service Page for more information.
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