When sourcing online, it’s nice to be able to quickly calculate your potential profit. Fortunately there’s a browser extension that connects you to Amazon.com’s FBA calculator to help make this process a one-click operation. Just follow the steps below when you find a product you’d like to check:

1. First you need to install the extension, so do a simple Google search for “FBA Calculator Extension.”
2. Find the link that applies to the browser you use and click it.
3. Download the Calculator Widget and it should appear in the top right side of your screen, to the right of your URL bar.
4. When you find a product on Amazon you’d like to check, simply click on the calculator icon from the Amazon.com product page.
5. This opens a new window, and it usually populates the ASIN field with the ASIN of your product. If not, you may need to do this manually.
6. Fill in the price you would sell your item for in the FBA column, and click “Calculate.”

At the bottom of the column you will see the net amount after all fees except for inbound shipping have been deducted. Just deduct your cost of goods from this to see if the return is good enough.

With Amazon’s ever-changing fee structure, using this calculator can help you avoid making costly mistakes when sourcing.

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