Here are some simple tactics that may be helpful to those Amazon sellers who are not using a repricer:

1) Reprice your highest priced inventory.

From your Seller Central page, go to:

Inventory>Active>Amazon Fulfilled and sort by the highest price.

Reprice the first couple pages, or maybe items over a certain price, especially ones that have been in inventory for 60-90 days or longer. If the low price is within a few percent of your price, match it. If it is considerably lower, click the link and look at the item as if you were making a buying decision. Would you buy it today? Would you price it where you currently have it? Would it be profitable to buy at the price you paid and resell at the current “average relevant” price? Does it seem like the price will rebound? If not, cut your losses and sell it now. If it will rebound, can you afford to wait? If not, cut your losses and get back some of your money.

2) Reprice your highest quantity items.

Next, sort by Quantity>Highest First. 50 items per page

These are likely the items that you want to sell a lot of b4 Christmas is over, assuming that you bought them for Q4 sales. You may want to make a spreadsheet with cells for # of sellers, buy box price, quantity, etc. There is a totally free, basic sheet that we have created that you are welcome to use. Download it and you will be able to make changes. Over the next couple of days, update this sheet to see what is happening with items that you may not be in the buy box (yet). This will help you to determine when to drop your prices.

3) Reprice your oldest items

Next, sort by date, oldest first.

This is the stuff that you may want to consider slashing prices on in order to liquidate. If it hasn’t sold in _____ period of time (fill in the blank), it probably will not sell, at least not at this price. Either drop the price, have it disposed of, or recall it and do something else with it.

Continue to check back with Seller Essentials for more tips and tools to make your Ecommerce business more profitable. Have a GREAT 2017!