Amazon FBA Prep, Pack and Ship Service Essentials

[VIDEO] How to Choose a Prep Company for Your Amazon Business

  • What is the cost to process & ship my products?
  • Where is the prep center located?
  • How long does it take to process my inventory?
  • How long can my products be held?
  • Are truck & pallet deliveries accepted?

Important Terms You’ll Need to Know.

Location – Where the prep center located.
Tax Free – Is the prep center located in a tax free state? this allows OA orders without sales tax. Wholesale orders generally do not incur sales tax.
Prep Time – How long it takes to prep & ship your items once everything has arrived.
Wholesale – Larger Shipments of similar items. Many times on pallets.
Imports – Shipments direct from the manufacturer. Many times from overseas.
OA – Online Arbitrage shipments from online based retailers.
RA – Retail Arbitrage drop off or shipments of items purchased locally at retailers.

Featured Prep Services

Prep CompanyLocationTax FreePrep Time WholesaleImportsOARA
unnamedORyes24-48 Hoursyesyesyesyes
riversourcelogisticsCAno24-28 Hoursyesyesnono
efulfillmentproTXno24 Hoursyesyesyesyes
preitpackitshipitCA, GAno24-48 Hoursyesyesyesno
Buckeye Prep 2 PrimeOHno1-3 Daysyesyesyesyes
unnamedNHyes24-72 Hoursyesyesyesno

Other Prep Services

Prep CompanyLocationTax FreePrep Time WholesaleImportsOARA
One Prep DirectNYno24-48 Hoursyesyesyesno
WeFulfillTOHno24 Hoursyesyesyesno
Central Wisconsin Prep Pack & ShipWIno24-48 Hoursyesyesyesyes
Texas Prep, Pack and ShipTXno24-72 Hoursyesyesyesyes
River BowMTyes1-3 Daysyesyesyesyes
Flat Rate PrepAZno24-48 Hoursyesnoyesyes
FBA InspectionCAno2-4 Days yesyesyesno
Prep Label BoxWAno24-48 Hoursyesyesyesno
Prepped ExpressARno24 Hoursyesyesyesyes
FBAForwardCAno24-72 Hoursyesyesnono
FBA Prep and ShipORyes24-72 Hoursyesyesyesno
Value Prep and ShipCAno24-72 Hoursyesyesyesyes
AZ ImportersALno48-72 Hoursyesyesyesyes
FBA ExpressMAno24-72 Hoursyesyesyesyes
EZ PrepCAno24-48 Hoursyesyesyesyes
FBA Made SimpleNVno24 Hoursyesyesyesno
Best Logistics GlobalCAno24 Hoursyesyesyesyes
AMZ TransitNYno3-5 Daysyesyesyesyes
My FBA PartnerCAno3 Daysyesyesnono
My Fulfillment TeamTNno1-3 Daysyesyesyesno
Simple Price PrepGAno24-72 Hoursyesyesyesyes
eFulfillment ProTXno24 Hoursyesyesyesyes
Guided ImportsNJ / China-1-3 Daysno yesnono
Zebrapals, IncCAno24-72 Hoursyesyesnono
Profit GopherGAno24-48 Hoursyesnoyesyes
Worldwide FulfillmentFLno1-5 Daysyesyesyesno
Southeast Prep & ShipSCno24-48 Hoursyesyesyes yes

More Prep Services

The following prep services have not updated their information, so we cannot verify the level of service that they offer. Feel free to reach out to them to get your questions answered.

Prep CompanyLocationTax FreePrep TimeWholesaleImportsOARA
FwdToAmazin LogisticsCanadan/a24-48 Hoursyesyes
FBA Ship UKUKno3 Daysyesyes
FBA CanadaCanadano
Prep and Ship PlusAZno
Central Ohio FBA Prep & ShipOHno48 Hoursyesyes
FBA Indiana PrepINno
Quick Prep & ShipTXno24-48 Hoursyesyes
Adstral FulfillmentUKn/a
Illinois Pack and ShipILno24-48 Hoursyesyes
Selltec PrepMTyes24-48 Hoursyesyes
GDW IncTXno24-48 Hoursyesyes
Thomas Inventory ServicesNJno48-96 Hoursyesyes
FBA Prep UKUKn/a4 Daysyesyes
FBA PrepMNno48 Hoursyesno
Fulfillment Packaging ServiceILno
Fulfillment RescueTXno24-48 Hoursyesyes
SM OperatorsILno
FBA Fulfillment CenterNJno
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Prep Service Owners

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