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Free shipping – Amazon Prime vs. non-Prime

Amazon Prime has many benefits, and FREE two-day shipping is one of the better ones. But if you are an Amazon seller and are buying things from the Amazon website with the intention of reselling them (on or off Amazon), it is against the Amazon Terms of Service to use your Prime membership for these […]

Free shipping – Amazon Prime vs. non-Prime2019-11-13T19:51:17+00:00

Textbook Season for Amazon Book Sellers

When I was still fairly new to selling on Amazon (around 2011 I think), I bought a Dell Axim PDA and a Socket laser scanner, got a subscription to aSellerTool (Amazon database download), and took off down the road to see what I could find with my new (outdated) technology.

There was a community yardsale in […]

Textbook Season for Amazon Book Sellers2019-05-08T14:19:27+00:00

Save Money With Discount Gift Cards

People in the US and around the world shop online for convenience, selection, and lower prices. Comparison shopping online is easier than running from store to store, and it allows the shopper to look at ratings and reviews prior to making the decision to purchase. Many smart buyers have found ways to increase their savings […]

Save Money With Discount Gift Cards2021-08-31T17:51:09+00:00

How to understand rankings on Amazon

In our warehouse, we create a lot of Amazon product pages. I am always interested to see what rank a new product achieving its first sale will receive. Knowing how to read this information will help you make more intelligent buying decisions.

In this example, we created a bundle in the toy category. Since we created […]

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Amazon Holiday Selling Guidelines 2014

If you are a new seller on Amazon and want to experience the 4th Quarter spike in sales, then the TOYS category is a great place to be. Make sure you meet Amazon’s requirements to sell toys in Q4. These rules are listed in the following email, sent to Amazon sellers prior to Q4 2014. […]

Amazon Holiday Selling Guidelines 20142016-02-02T07:10:18+00:00

eBay Arbitrage is Alive and Well

Back in the early days of eBay, many of us were buying items that were improperly listed on the site, and flipping them right back on eBay for more money.

At the time, images were not required, and eBay charged when you added pictures, so many people would list without images. You could buy an item […]

eBay Arbitrage is Alive and Well2018-01-24T01:53:25+00:00