Sometimes, when researching products to sell on, it’s important to be able to go beyond the top 100 best-sellers that Amazon automatically shows in the Amazon Search Results when you click “Best Sellers” after you have chosen a category.

Fortunately there is a simple solution that allows you to see 400 pages worth of deals in a given category or subcategory in the Amazon Search Results. For Amazon sellers, this can be the difference between knowing of a few items that are profitable, and totally mastering the category.

Simply choose your category on and leave the search bar blank. You will be taken to that category’s main page. From here, find “Best Sellers” at the top of the screen. Clicking on this pulls up the top 100 items in that category.

To move beyond the top 100 best sellers, simply put the left bracket symbol and the right bracket symbol in the search bar with nothing in between them. So, your search bar should look like this: [].

Once you put the two brackets in the search bar, click to search, and you will now be able to view 400 pages of returns.


Instead of clicking through one page at a time, if you would like to jump ahead in the Amazon Search Results, simply change the page numbers in the URL and click Enter to go to that page. Make sure you put the page number in TWICE, as shown in this image.

Hopefully this has helped make your searching easier. Amazon makes it easy to find the best selling items, and Seller Essentials makes it even easier for Amazon sellers to benefit from this by showing you  tips, tools, and other resources to help you run your online business more efficiently and more profitably. Be sure to check out the Amazon Section of for even more great ideas.

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