Amazon Prime is a membership that currently costs $119/year or can be subscribed to on a monthly basis for $12.99/month.  Members of Amazon Prime enjoy many benefits, and each benefit on its own may be reason enough to join. Amazon offers a FREE 30-day trial membership, and college students who are currently enrolled may qualify for 6-months of Prime for free. Some cell phone plans and Credit Cards also offer free memberships to Amazon Prime. Check your Terms of Service to see if yours offers this.

Some of the Benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime

  • Free Same-Day, One-Day, or Two-Day Shipping

Amazon has over 100 Fulfillment Centers strategically located around the world. Your proximity to one or more of these colossal “warehouses” will determine how fast Amazon can ship products to you.

Enter your zip code into this search box on Amazon and find out how fast they can get products to your door.

Please note – Not every item in the Amazon catalog is available for same-day or one-day delivery, but Prime members who live close enough can get over one million different items delivered to them within that time frame. Even if you are not close enough to a Fulfillment Center to get your item today or tomorrow, the majority of people in the US are able to get those products and about 20 million more delivered for free within two days as Prime members. No shipping costs, no hidden fees. If you shop online, your Amazon Prime membership could save you a LOT of money on shipping fees. There’s even a Prime Now benefit – Free 2-HOUR shipping for a select number of Zip Codes in the United States.

Amazon already offers Free Shipping (shipping times vary) on most orders over $35, but Prime members get Free Two-Day Shipping (or less) on orders of ANY SIZE. If you run out of razor blades or toothpaste, you can get it shipped for free. You realize that you forgot to pack a pair of pants for your vacation? You can possibly have one waiting at the hotel for you before you even arrive. Free Shipping is just one of the many benefits that Amazon Prime members receive.

  • Amazon Prime Video & Amazon Prime Movies

With Prime Video you get unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes on your TV, computer, tablet, or mobile device. Thousands of movies and shows, all for free. Want to re-watch Lost? You can binge-watch all six seasons in a couple of weeks (ask me how I know). Any Doctor Who fans out there? Just the Prime Video alone may be reason enough to pull the trigger on an Amazon Prime membership. You even get a free trial of HBO and a free trial of Showtime with Amazon Video.

  • Amazon Prime Music

With Amazon Prime you get access to over two million songs, albums, play lists, stations, and more. All Free with a membership to Amazon Prime.

  • Amazon Prime Member Discounts

Shoppers on Amazon will often see items with a “special price”, available only to Amazon Prime members. Another nice little extra bonus.

Click the link below to see the whole list of Amazon Prime features and benefits.

Ready to give it a try? Amazon will give you a 30 Day Free Trial with all of the benefits of a paid membership. Join Amazon Prime today, enjoy the music, movies, TV shows, Free two-day shipping (or faster) – and all of the other Prime benefits. 100 million Prime Members can’t be wrong.