When you’re buying a pallet or even a truckload you are likely to see two different types of pallets. 

Standard Pallet:
First, you will see the standard pallet. This will be stacked with products as you’re used to seeing. You will be able to see what is on the load, but you won’t necessarily be able to tell the condition, other then the condition of the boxes. Most of the items will be medium to big in size. It will require processing but should be a pretty easy job.

Secondly there are things called Gaylords. These are entirely different. They are essentially big boxes set on pallets. Products are dumped in these boxes over a period of time. They might have bigger items and they will have a lot of smaller items. If you choose this it’s a lot like a grab bag. This load will take longer to process. But a lot of people like the hunt and surprise of it all.

Both of these types of pallets can be very profitable. I wouldn’t say one is better then the other. It depends on what and how you sell. If you’re unsure, buy one of each just to get a feel what they have to offer. Both can make you money. Of course the key to success here is not which one you buy. It’s who you buy it from and the price you pay. Do you’re due dilligence and take a shot. If you can just buy a couple of pallets it’s a good, low risk way to test out your source.

About the Author

Mike Mauren has worked as a radio broadcaster and producer for over 30 years. He has sold online for 15 years. He currently works selling wholesale, liquidation and closeouts.