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What is Liquidation?

Wholesale and Liquidation are two different things, but people often use the terms interchangeably. Finding a source for profitable inventory is what most people want, and few things are more profitable in the buying and selling business than liquidation. Manufactures, distributors, retailers, and even resellers liquidate inventory that they are unable to sell. Their inability to find a buyer is YOUR opportunity. Check out some of the great Liquidation resources we have identified.

Tools & Services

Liquidation Tools & Services

Amazon FBA Prep Service List

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Did you know – There are companies that will take delivery, prep, and ship your inventory, to Amazon or to your customers? Check out these Prep Services.

Essential Wholesale & Liquidation (3)

Essential Liquidation

Whether you are looking for inventory for your Amazon or eBay store or retail storefront, or closing your business and looking for buyers, this Facebook group is for you.

Liquidation Resources

Liquidators Guide

How to buy and sell pallets and truckloads of wholesale liquidation merchandise without paying a middle man. A total liquidation merchandise education in one guide.

Liquidation Blog

The New Wholesale Buyer and Great Expectations

     As I've suggested in previous posts, buying wholesale, liquidation, closeouts etc. can be a slippery slope. There's a lot of product out there to buy but there are far fewer opportunities to get good deals. But it's not just the sellers that are troublesome. Finding good buyers can be difficult as well. I had a buyer that was a big company. They bought tens of thousands of dollars of product every month. For all [...]

A Truckload Is A Truckload. What are you actually buying?

There is a lot more to buying a truckload of anything then a lot of people understand. If you don't understand this at worst you can get burned and at best you may be disappointed. There are people that say I don't buy returns. I only buy new. That's fine, but you have to find the new products and then plan on paying significantly more than you will with returns. If you are good with those [...]

The First Deal is the Hardest and Most Important in Wholesale.

The First Deal is the Hardest and Most Important in Wholesale. The toughest part of getting into the business of buying or selling truckloads of wholesale, closeouts, returns, shelf pulls etc is always completing the first deal. People making their first buy from a wholesale company are scared to death they are going to get cheated or ripped off and they should be scared. This business has more then it's share of sketchy characters. But [...]

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