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What is Bookselling?

Bookselling, or selling new and used books on Amazon, is one of the most popular Ecommerce business models. Many online sellers get their start by gathering up a few books from around their home and listing them on Amazon, eBay, or one of the many other Internet platforms. Book Selling is one area of Ecommerce that can be built to scale and become incredibly profitable. This page will be a resource for you to find instructions, services, supplies and most importantly, a calendar of upcoming book sales throughout the entire country.

Bookselling Resources

Sell Used Books on Amazon, eBay and Online for Profit

How to start and profitably run an online book business, by Amazon Seller Skip McGrath.

Barcode Booty:

How I found and sold $2 million of ‘junk’ on eBay and Amazon, And you can, too, using your phone

The Home-Based Bookstore:

Start Your Own Business Selling Used Books on Amazon, eBay or Your Own Web Site

Advanced Internet Bookselling Techniques:

How to Take Your Home-Based Used Books Business to the Next Level 

How to Sell Books on Amazon:

The Stay-At-Home Mom’s Secret Guide to Selling Used Books on Amazon

How To Sell Used Books On Amazon:

A Passive Income Series

Book Repair for Booksellers:

A guide for booksellers offering practical advice on book repair

Online Bookselling:

A Practical Guide With Detailed Explanations And Insightful Tips

Bookselling Tools & Services


Sourcing, scanning, listing solutions for Amazon sellers.


Amazon FBA Products Analytics Tool. Start your free trial today.

Bookselling Supplies

KDC200i 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth enabled – Made for iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch and Android

CHS 7Ci, 1D Imager Barcode Scanner

Connects easily to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers

Dell Axim X51 PDA

The Dell 416MHz Axim X51 delivers performance, connectivity and a brilliant VGA display in a sleek, sophisticated design. Perfect for book scanning or product sourcing

Socket Barcode Scanner

CompactFlash Scan Card 5P Class 2 Laser Barcode Scanner

SanDisk 2 GB SD Card

Bookselling Blog

The Best Amazon FBA Calculator

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers who practice retail arbitrage or online arbitrage need to quickly determine if the product they are researching is profitable before buying it to resell on Amazon. One Amazon FBA Calculator [...]

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