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Sales Rank Charts vs. the Seller Essentials Amazon Sales Velocity Chart

Why you MUST NOT use current rank to determine future sales potential

When investigating a product for possible resale on Amazon, knowing what the ranking actually represents in terms of sales is very speculative. Here is a concrete example that may be helpful.

I just sold an item of clothing. I created the listing. It is the only one that has ever sold. It took almost 4 months to sell.
The ranking after the only sale ever? 160,006 in clothing.

Considering all of the clothing items that have ever been listed on Amazon, for this one to rank 160k after it’s first and only sale should help us to understand that rank is not a good indicator of sales velocity. One of the popular sales estimators says that 160k would correlate to 16 sales a month. Here’s the key – IF this product sold about once every 2 days (16x a month) the rank would fluctuate between a couple of different numbers and would trend downwards. It would not sit at 160k.

Ranking is a picture in time and you should never use a product’s current rank to determine future sales potential. Keepa and Jungle Scout may not be showing you the whole picture.

The only way to use sales rank to make a prediction is to look at the rank over time (rank average) and determine if it is trending downward, upward, or remaining consistent. With that information, you can make a better estimation of future potential.

The Seller Essentials Sales Velocity Chart is not an estimator based on current rank. We use multiple sources to determine the rank over time, and estimate how many sales a consistent rank would represent in terms of monthly sales.

Using a tool like Keepa or AZInsight, see what the average 30 and 90 day sales ranks are, and compare that to the current rank. Figure out an average rank, and take a look at the Seller Essentials Sales Velocity Chart to see how many sales (approximately) that number represents over the course of a month. Much more accurate than trying to speculate based on the current rank only.

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Amazon Sales Velocity Chart

Estimated Monthly Sales500/mo200/mo100/mo50/mo30/mo10/mo
Arts & Crafts & Sewing2,3008,50018,00030,00045,000125,000
Beauty & Personal Care11,00025,00045,00080,000100,000225,000
Camera and Photo3501,0001,5002,5004,0008,000
Cell Phone & Access.5,00013,00024,00050,00090,000150,000
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry35,00080,000135,000225,000300,000500,000
Computers & Access.5001,5002,5004,5007,00011,000
Grocery & Gourmet Food9,00020,00036,00060,00075,000130,000
Health & Household13,00030,00050,00090,000120,000185,000
Home & Kitchen18,00050,000100,000150,000200,000445,000
Home Improvement4,00013,00027,00050,00080,000150,000
Industrial & Scientific2,0006,00012,00020,00035,00075,000
Kitchen & Dining6,50016,00028,00050,00090,000140,000
Musical Instruments7502,0004,0008,00013,00025,000
Office Products6,50015,00027,00045,00065,000125,000
Patio, Lawn & Garden3,5009,00018,00030,00050,000110,000
Pet Supplies5,50013,00023,00038,00055,00095,000
Sports & Outdoors5,50014,00026,00045,00070,000175,000
Toys & Games9,00021,00038,00075,000120,000225,000
Video Games7501,5003,0005,0007,50012,500
¹ sales numbers are estimates based on current & historical data