Recommended Podcasts

Enjoy listening to podcasts? We have pulled together a list of great business and eCommerce podcasts. Learn how to grow your business from the industry experts. Check back often as podcasts will be added regularly.

1002, 2016

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Caleb Roth – Young and Successful

I always appreciate an individual who puts his family before his career! What makes this story even better they are still young! Imagine figuring this stuff out while your young and before you rack up [...]

402, 2016

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Jason T Smith – How To Turn A Lifestyle Into A Lifestyle Business

Jason is a character for sure, he knows it, he embraces it and gives you the chance to accept it or not! Either way, he knows you will remember him. Jason is very down to [...]

2801, 2016

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Steve Sawyer – Chasing New Forms of Arbitrage In Europe

Steve clearly has brought an advantage to selling on Amazon, he was a commodity trader focused on buying low and selling high. Imagine the pressure when your dealing with large dollar amounts and really large [...]

2701, 2016

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Peter Kozysa – The Craigslist Hunter

"So many people talk about having a retail location to sell overstock and returns. While that is a great idea and Peter does that, he smartly figured out that having a retail location for buying/selling [...]

1101, 2016

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Agus Purwanto – Young Gun #4

Agus is a hyper-focused, high-charging, work until successful seller who has found his calling. He has grown his sales 6x this year and he is quick to give credit to the “Young Gun” group of [...]

1712, 2015

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Sam Cohen – Bigger Deams, Bigger Oppurtunities

"Sam is definitely a Big Dreamer! You can’t help but be drawn into his large visions (we’re talking way out there stuff). He is always testing ideas, always questioning, bouncing ideas off you constantly trying [...]

812, 2015

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Brett Bartlett – They Do It All!

"This is the second of my “Triple Threat” interviews with sellers that will/did sell $5 million+ (hint one will likely hit $10 million!-maybe this one???). Wow oh wow, get ready for a wide-swath discussion…it had to [...]

412, 2015

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Will Tjernlund – Bringing 2,000 Products To Market

"Get ready for the “Triple Threat of Sellers” That is the three sellers that have been or are involved in an ecommerce business selling more than 5 Million and likely one might very well hit [...]

3011, 2015

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Gary Baird – The Teacher Takes Us To School

Gary has been a “part-time” entrepreneur for a long time, anyone remember “Carlton Sheets”? Gary’s ability to scale a major eCommerce business while working as a full time teacher shows his skills in motivating others. He [...]

2710, 2015

eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Bryan Young – Segmented, Outsourced Seven Figure Business Model That Is Growing 4X

Bryan is a very sharp businessman and a great family Man who has taken a foundational corporate approach to training and outsourcing that has brought him incredible success and significant growth (4X) this year. He [...]