Proven Team Building Training Course Now Live!

Proven Team Building is the most comprehensive course available anywhere teaching you how to replace yourself in your Amazon business. Whether you need to train a VA, find a prep and pack person, or hire a shopper, Proven Team Building will walk you through the steps from start to finish.

With the Proven Team Building course, you will learn the reasons to replace yourself in many of your business activities. You’ll understand how to work ON your business instead of just working IN your business.

Melanie James and Gary Baird are both successful entrepreneurs who sell on Amazon and they will teach you step by step, from the initial thought process of why you need to build a team to actually hiring and training the new team members.

This course is neatly arranged into many video segments and packed full of very useful documents and files. There is also a private Facebook group for members with access to Melanie, Gary, and a host of other successful online sellers who have already built a team.

Right now Proven Team Building is discounted to $19 (soon to increase to $99), so don’t wait. If you have ever realized the need to put your Amazon FBA business on autopilot, Proven Team Building will give you the tools necessary to make it happen. Get it here for $19 before the price goes up.

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