eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Will Tjernlund – Bringing 2,000 Products To Market

“Get ready for the “Triple Threat of Sellers” That is the three sellers that have been or are involved in an ecommerce business selling more than 5 Million and likely one might very well hit 10 Million this year! Will is one of the most confident (and friendly) sellers that I have met, he has it figured out, and he knows it. Its his youthful exuberance and his willingness to fail (trust me he will not fail) that helps him grow so fast. He has to grow, he has planned vacations and travel to do….he has a non-location specific mindset. He is going south for a while! Think if you were his age and knew what he knows, you too would be getting ready to go to South America for Winter. (Vicarious thoughtful drifting off right now!)”

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