eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Bryan Young – Segmented, Outsourced Seven Figure Business Model That Is Growing 4X

Bryan is a very sharp businessman and a great family Man who has taken a foundational corporate approach to training and outsourcing that has brought him incredible success and significant growth (4X) this year. He walks us through his start, his Aha moment (“Taste of this incredible Amazon thing”), and his step-by-step approach to outsourcing his business in a win-win model. His use of business segments, training manuals, training videos, Facebook Private Groups has allowed him to create a model where process is driving his incredible success. We discuss profit-sharing, draw versus commission plans and detailed expense tracking. We spend some time discussing the lack of true Entrepreneurial spirit missing from many sellers, not that there is not a place for this, rather that if you really want to have a Hands-off Passive Income Stream business, you need to replace yourself. Bryan walks us through how he has been able to do just that!

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