eCommerce Momentum Podcast: Brett Bartlett – They Do It All!

“This is the second of my “Triple Threat” interviews with sellers that will/did sell $5 million+ (hint one will likely hit $10 million!-maybe this one???). Wow oh wow, get ready for a wide-swath discussion…it had to be! He (and he is quick to credit his team) are into everything, and his setup allows (and is designed to) for segments to work together and compliment each other well. Imagine a team sourcing for Ebay , bringing it back to a centralized photo studio, then off to specialized Ebay listers (better known as the “Eboys”), then into the centralized inventory system, then into the centralized shipping department. Or a division where the 5 Ladies! source clothing, model the clothing, sell on a centralized-run website, then send the inventory into the centralized inventory system, then when it sells into the centralized shipping department. Get the picture, this modular departmental system allows for the like/similar duties to be shared (similar to Corporate Shared Services Departments) which allows quick entry to a market, even quicker ability to scale up, and a very cost efficient (think variable costs versus fixed gap fillers) model.

This is a very detailed walk-through the common sourcing categories, the way to manage a large (independent) staff, etc.. This “Dude” knows his stuff, yet is so humble. We are all very lucky to get this deep with Brett.”

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